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Designers can perform tasks quicker than using menus or mouse clicks. Consequently, it will boost your productivity. In Solidworks, Apart from mouse gestures and any other shortcuts, you can simply press a key for a tool or features. In Solidworks, it’s easy to setup keyboard shortcut. You can assign any keys you want to any […]

Creating spring with taper profile is quite tricky with Solidworks. Sweep feature does not have yet an option of taping the profile while using circle as profile.  Fortunately, it is possible to create such a design by using a loft feature. I will show you the main step of it.  1. Create the base Sketch […]

Computer-Aided Design as known as CAD is the use of computer technology to assist in engineering design. Engineers or designers use computers to generate and compute a design and study. CAD technology is widely used in a variety of industry such as manufacturing, architecture, engineering, aerospace, automotive, fashion,…etc. Many CAD applications also are able to […]

Starting from 2020, because of Covid-19, remote work has become more popular. Freelancing grows up and many people, fresh graduate people and even students start their career as a Freelancer. In this article, I will give 5 websites that you can get a job as a Freelance. Everyone needs a job. People should work and […]

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Nowadays, in the robotic field, cycloid gear actuator is one of the most commonly used. According to Nabtesco company “transmission via cycloidal drive ensures high efficiency, a long life, and an extremely low backlash in gear”. These conditions are the main key of gear options.” So, in this article, I will show you a basic knowledge […]

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