MICHEL Mikaia Valison

Mikaia Valison | Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer | Freelance

Mikaia Valison is a Mechanical Engineer and full-time freelancer. I am more specialized in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for M-CAD and Reverse Engineering. Actually, you can see me on many freelancing platforms and Social media Mainly on FiverrUpwork and LinkedIn.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineer and studied this field at Polytechnic School of Antsiranana (ESP-D) / Madagascar. Besides, I have learned English at English Teaching Program (ETP) to improve my languages skills.

Self-employed, self-disciplined, self-learner,  open-minded and understanding. I am able to work on any new and challenging projects.


Recently, I have worked at NRobotics, a fresh company working in robotics field, as a Design Engineer. My main task is to create a robotics rotative actuator (reducer) design. Furthermore, I have assisted during prototyping and testing.

I joined Loowatt a company operate in sanitation, in 2018. I had worked in this company for 15 months as a Design Engineer. I did mainly a research and Development starting from design into production.

I was an Internship at Adema  (Madagascar Airport) in 2012. Our training focused more on Malagasy Airport maintenance by working in the mechanical and Electrical departments.

I was an Internship at Jirama a Malagasy Electricity company in 2010. Our task there was based on Hydroelectric group maintenance  with the mechanical and Electrical department.

I was a volunteer at STEM4GOOD Madagascar and I was one of the mentors of the Malagasy team for the FGC 2020 and 2021. I used my skills to teach and train young people passionate in STEM about CAD design and Engineering.

Now, I have my own Youtube channel calls CAD T&Ts for teaching and sharing tips and tricks about CAD software.

I am an autodidact person. I almost learn new things by myself. Thus, I have a variety of skills that are not related to mechanics such as graphic design, translation, transcription, programming, video editing, audio editing, 3D, Office tasks, …etc. You can check some of the work I did on my portfolio.

I am more interested in energy, materials, recycling, IT, automotive, aeronautics, farming, and technology.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need my help and services.

Mikaia Valison.

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